Pricing stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Price stars are now available in several places in Rylee. While researching in the tracker and the popup, you can see if the sellers have a good price. You can also see this for your own products. 60% of the assortment on has price stars. All new products that are launched on will also have price stars. How can it help? Price Stars uses the process of collecting and analysing information about your competitors' prices to give you the following benefits: Provides price evaluation for your products at a glance, based on detailed market analysis. Shows you what price to charge for a higher qualification in the price stars and thus a better chance of getting on the buying block. Provides better visibility in Google Ads. Allows you to gauge buyers' price perception by analysing their possible reaction to increased or decreased product prices. Relevant Market Price (RMP) In order to sell your products successfully, it is crucial that you have an effective price for your products. Prices that are too high can lead to lower conversion rates and affect the customer's price perception of your offer. To determine whether an item is competitively priced, evaluates the relevant market price for each item. This process takes into account the prices of other relevant providers of the same item outside of, in order to ensure that prices at are equal to those of products in a similar category on the market. The RMP is determined on the basis of market trends. The RMP for each item is based on the following factors: Competitor price - Indicates the price of the competitor outside for a similar product category. Recommended retail price - Specifies the retail price range at which the product should be sold. Last price on The price of the item, which was in the buy block yesterday. If the item was not online yesterday, we look at the last known price of the item. The most frequently used price in the last 90 days for the product in the sales block.