Pooh, this update is really awesome. In short, use Rylee faster, use formulas, more.... more... data... and a better layout! Now in depth: ## Shortcuts## If you now press ? in Rylee, you will see a shortcut list that you can use to use Rylee with your keyboard. Most of the new shortcuts are in the Tracker and Database, and these are being added more and more over time. A quick grab from the list: [ = Unfold and collapse the left menu d = Change between dark and light mode Escape = To close popups f = Open filter popup Shift+↑/↓ = Sort the tracker and database And many more... Feel free to let me know if you are looking for specific shortcuts. So you can check them out by pressing ? ## The new data## - The brands of products are now also added. This will be placed next to the EAN. You can also search for them in the Tracker/Database. - Price stars can now also be sorted and filtered. So this is added to the filter popup as well ## And then the game changer for everyone.... formulas...## In the tracker / database, a new column has been added. This is the formula column. In the formula column you can write your own formula, for example, to calculate a potency figure based on what you think is important. You can write entire functions in here to come up with the perfect outcome, which suits you. So away with Excel 😏. The following data is available for you to use in the formula: - Monthly revenue - Monthly sales - Competitors in the category - Number of sales - Rating - Price Stars - Rating title - Ean - Brand name You can analyze this data with 8 functions. It is best to have a look in the popup to see what is available! You can also save multiple formulas and easily switch between them. And some more layout improvements - The popups scale better with your small screens - The tables have been made horizontally scrollable, so you can better see your data on smaller screens instead of everything being cluttered up. This was highly necessary because there is now really a lot of data in the columns.