AI TAKES OVER... Update 🤖

In Rylee, you can now have product descriptions generated by AI. You can do this for existing products or for products that are not yet on! This can be very useful for inspiration. This will be tested and fine-tuned in the coming period. It is also advisable to test whether you want to generate a listing from scratch or (even more) automatically generate a text by simply entering an EAN. You can have texts created in German, English, Dutch, and French. There are also some quality of life updates. Such as cleaning up the super large menu. The Tracker and the Database can now both be found under the Tracker. The billing email settings (the separate emails that are sent when you press send invoice), can now be found under orders to make it clearer that these belong together. And the notes are still in the overview, but you can now also go to the more comprehensive version from there! Feedback is of course welcome!