Januari update 🤖

The first big update of 2023 is coming soon! It has some really interesting features. First, we would like to show you our new partner platform: https://rylee.nl/partners . Here, we are partnering with other parties, including logistics, educational, and software companies, to provide a better service to you or simply to recommend these parties to work with. There will be about 10 more partners added in the coming month. We will also send emails about this. **Emails** We have also greatly improved the mail layout. It has become much more user-friendly. You can now also have parts of the mail text and images generated by AI in the mail. **Reviews** A large part of the bol.com product reviews are now indexed in Rylee. Here, you can also filter and see the performance of products that have received many reviews. You can also easily see the difference between verified and non-verified reviews. In addition, just like in the Chrome Extension, the summary of criteria and target age group are indicated. By filtering by date of the reviews, you can also easily see if there was a product error in a certain period, or if a product has become more popular among a certain target group in a period.