Update: Category update workflow 🎉

We updated 2 things today, which will speed up your workflow within Rylee. 1. The first update which we tought was really important is that you are able to use the Chrome Extension without connecting your store. This was a small but fundamental change, for starting sellers that don't have a store yet. And for sellers that don't want to connect their store. 2. We have updated the Tracking tool with the possibility to track a product immediately in a category. We have updated the Chrome Extension reflecting this change as well. This way you are able to track a whole page immediately into the right category which will probably save you a lot of time! The Chrome Extension version should now be 2.2.0. If it's not you can update the extension at chrome://extensions Thanks for the people that gave us feedback about those topics! We really appreciate it! Will see you soon at the next update, ^Ryon