Okay okay, I know, the updates are flying around your ears, but just one more 🙃

First the big update, then the 3 small ones **Stock control** In Rylee we have now created a stock management system. You can set it to notify you when you fall below a certain stock level. Besides the bol.com stock you can also set your own total stock. (Your own warehouse + for example your own webshops). If you set this you will also get a notification when it comes below a certain ceiling. You can also link your webshops from Shopify or Woocommerce to this stock so you can manage your total stock in one place. You can do this via the API or Zapier. **Hijack notifications** You will now also get a notification when you lose the buy box or when you got it back. **Analytics** You can now select a date to see your data. This does not compare to a previous period **Category update** You can now easily change the name of your category