November Update 🥳

The last 2 weeks we added a lot of small (and some big) improvements in Rylee! Have you noticed all of them ;)? Let's see... 1. We added the option to enable or disable quick delete in the product tracker. What this means is that you can disable quick delete to get a confirmation popup before deleting a product. No more accidental deletions! 2. We added the option to set a range for viewing the charts in the tracking popup. You can also use a custom range! This improvement has also been added to the Chrome Extension. 3. You can toggle images in your product view. This way you can get a compact view or a wide view of your product list. Whatever you prefer. 4. In the product view option we also added the possibility to enable or disable hijacking notifications all at the same time. 5. We integrated the new Zapier view in Rylee. No more switching applications. 6. In Zapier you can now set your product stock levels. This way you can also manage your total stock by connecting your webshop. 7. In Zapier you can now delete products from the product tracker by EAN. 8. Last but not least. In the Rylee Chrome Extension we added search insights with the possibility to change ranges as well. (12 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month) 9. We improved the way you can give feedback. You'll see a better support menu in the left bottom corner to give us feedback! 10. The Rylee Chrome Extension works now as well in the Grid view on 11. Also we added some generall bug fixes. Again, thanks for all the awesome feedback! We really appreciate it 😃 Talk to you soon! ^Ryon