Shift VAT and Tax Rates 🔣

Hi, we have added 2 small improvements to the automatic invoice system! We have updated the invoice system so it complies more with the law and regulations from the Netherlands and Belgium. Here are the improvements: 1. We are now showing individual tax rates **and** the total tax on the invoice. This is great news for your book keeping! It doesn't matter if your tax rate is 0, 6, 9 or 21. Every individual tax rate will be shown! 2. You can now correctly shift your VAT. If you shift your VAT to another European country (Any country to Belgium, or any country to the Netherlands), it will now show "VAT shifted" on the invoice with a 0% tax rate. You can set this per country at your settings from your team by going to Bol invoicing (Bol facturering). Thanks again for the awesome feedback everyone! (and in this specific case, one of our client's customer 😉) Talk to you soon! ^Ryon