A really awesome Chrome Extension update 🧩

Well, this is probably something you have never seen before... but really, this is awesome. The Chrome Extension was mostly used for product research, but there is so much more to bol.com what could be improved. And that's what we did! In the Rylee Chrome Extension v2.6.0 we added some awesome shortcuts to edit your product information really quick! On every product page you see 2 extra buttons next to the "Favorite button". This leads to the overview page to edit your price and to the product information page to edit the content of the product in the SDD (Seller Dashboard). But that's only the small part... We noticed in the SDD from bol.com that the Product Description editor is fairly limited. Don't get us wrong! It's enough, it has all the functions you need. But if you know us, you know we see even there an oppurtunity for improvement. So this is what we did... we improved the editor by a lot! 1. We added the oppurtinity to make the editor full screen. 2. We added some awesome templates for your first Product Description 3. We added the preview option 4. We added an HTML editor switch _Note that bol.com filters all non-supported tags by bol.com 5. We increased the height of the editor to 600px for easier readability; 6. We added the option to print your Product Description (Because why not?) 7. We added a more detailed word / character counter 8. We added the find and replace option 9. We added redo, undo and the paste as text buttons 10. We added the "Clear formatting" button 11. We added special character support 12. We added current Date/Time insert 13. We added an help menu in the editor with all the keyboard shortcuts! We hope you like it, because we certainly do! This will save you a lot of time probably (or not if you're going to play with all the new awesome functionality, which we would certainly understand, we won't judge 😉). Hope you have an amazing weekend! ^Ryon