Januari update 🤖

The first big update of 2023 is coming soon! It has some really interesting features.

First, we would like to show you our new partner platform: https://rylee.nl/partners . Here, we are partnering with other parties, including logistics, educational, and software companies, to provide a better service to you or simply to recommend these parties to work with. There will be about 10 more partners added in the coming month. We will also send emails about this.

We have also greatly improved the mail layout. It has become much more user-friendly.
You can now also have parts of the mail text and images generated by AI in the mail.

A large part of the bol.com product reviews are now indexed in Rylee. Here, you can also filter and see the performance of products that have received many reviews. You can also easily see the difference between verified and non-verified reviews.

In addition, just like in the Chrome Extension, the summary of criteria and target age group are indicated.
By filtering by date of the reviews, you can also easily see if there was a product error in a certain period, or if a product has become more popular among a certain target group in a period.

AI TAKES OVER... bol.com: Update 🤖

In Rylee, you can now have product descriptions generated by AI. You can do this for existing products or for products that are not yet on bol.com! This can be very useful for inspiration. This will be tested and fine-tuned in the coming period.

It is also advisable to test whether you want to generate a listing from scratch or (even more) automatically generate a text by simply entering an EAN.

You can have texts created in German, English, Dutch, and French.

There are also some quality of life updates. Such as cleaning up the super large menu.

The Tracker and the Database can now both be found under the Tracker.
The billing email settings (the separate emails that are sent when you press send invoice), can now be found under orders to make it clearer that these belong together.

And the notes are still in the overview, but you can now also go to the more comprehensive version from there!

Feedback is of course welcome!

December update 🎄

There has been a few changes the last couple of weeks in Rylee! Here is a summary of the most important ones.

Rank tracker updates

The design of the ranking tracker has been significantly improved. Instead of all rankings being displayed separately, they are now sorted by product. It is also easier to add a ranking per product.

You can now also filter on the products via a search at the top right

Product cost update

  • You can now bulk upload & update product costs and VAT rates in Rylee!

Product tracker update

  • The tracker layout has changed somewhat, adding a product is now also possible via a popup at the top right

  • The extra action buttons are now behind 1 bigger button to clean it up a bit and make it clearer. Don't worry, removing products is still just as fast ;)


Pooh, this update is really awesome. In short, use Rylee faster, use formulas, more.... more... data... and a better layout!

Now in depth:


If you now press ? in Rylee, you will see a shortcut list that you can use to use Rylee with your keyboard. Most of the new shortcuts are in the Tracker and Database, and these are being added more and more over time.

A quick grab from the list:
[ = Unfold and collapse the left menu
d = Change between dark and light mode
Escape = To close popups
f = Open filter popup
Shift+↑/↓ = Sort the tracker and database
And many more...

Feel free to let me know if you are looking for specific shortcuts. So you can check them out by pressing ?

The new data

  • The brands of products are now also added. This will be placed next to the EAN. You can also search for them in the Tracker/Database.
  • Price stars can now also be sorted and filtered. So this is added to the filter popup as well

And then the game changer for everyone.... formulas...

In the tracker / database, a new column has been added. This is the formula column. In the formula column you can write your own formula, for example, to calculate a potency figure based on what you think is important. You can write entire functions in here to come up with the perfect outcome, which suits you. So away with Excel 😏.

The following data is available for you to use in the formula:

  • Monthly revenue
  • Monthly sales
  • Competitors in the category
  • Number of sales
  • Rating
  • Price Stars
  • Rating title
  • Ean
  • Brand name

You can analyze this data with 8 functions. It is best to have a look in the popup to see what is available!

You can also save multiple formulas and easily switch between them.

And some more layout improvements

  • The popups scale better with your small screens
  • The tables have been made horizontally scrollable, so you can better see your data on smaller screens instead of everything being cluttered up. This was highly necessary because there is now really a lot of data in the columns.
More data update 📊

In Rylee, there is now a category tree of the products under the new BCR (Bol.com category results) column. This also shows how many products there are in this category (BCR, between 0 and 12000+). You can also filter on the BCR. This way you can quickly find categories in which not many products are for sale yet!

So suppose you set the BCR filter on 0-100. Then you will only find products which are actually in a category where less than 100 products are sold. This works in the tracker and the database.

Expanding data

At the moment, the top 10 products from more than 10,000 categories are also automatically tracked in Rylee. These are added as we speak.

Ranking tracker

You can now also track the ranking of your products in a bol.com category!

Share your results 📸 + win a year free Rylee

In Rylee, you can now share your results in 9:16 and 1:1 format using the new share button in the Analytics!

Share your results on Instagram and tag us @rylee.nl to have a chance at winning a year free Rylee subscription!

Chrome Extension update 🧩

The Chrome extension is currently being updated, the Chrome dev store is approving it. There are a lot of improvements!

First of all, the style of the Chrome Extension has been changed to be more in line with Rylee.

Furthermore, there are several bug fixes:

Sometimes, when you changed pages, products would load twice or not at all. Now they are always loaded correctly once.

The search insights now actually loads the search insights for the word you are looking for, and ignores bol.com's autocorrection.

New features:

**You can now see the price stars at every product on bol.com in the category page and on the product page.

The popup when you click on information now matches the Rylee popup 1:1. The listing history has also been added. So you can also view the history of the listing directly on bol.com.

Storing: update

Hi iedereen. De storing is deels verholpen. Veel shops zijn weer verbonden met bol.com.

Echter, een deel van de shops willen nog niet verbinden. Hier wachten we op bol.com een reactie vanaf waar dit aan kan liggen. Dit zou wel ook automatisch hersteld moeten worden.

Mocht je shop nog niet herkoppeld zijn. Kan je die opnieuw verbinden in Rylee. Dan werkt deze ook weer direct. Je kan ook wachten tot wij de verbinding weer herstellen.

Mocht je de laatste 24 uur meer dan 50 bestellingen hebben ontvangen en je shop is weer verbonden. Stuur de klantenservice dan even een berichtje, dan halen we de gemiste data ook voor je op!

Pricing stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Price stars are now available in several places in Rylee. While researching in the tracker and the popup, you can see if the sellers have a good price. You can also see this for your own products. 60% of the assortment on bol.com has price stars. All new products that are launched on bol.com will also have price stars.

How can it help?
Price Stars uses the process of collecting and analysing information about your competitors' prices to give you the following benefits:

Provides price evaluation for your products at a glance, based on detailed market analysis.

Shows you what price to charge for a higher qualification in the price stars and thus a better chance of getting on the buying block.

Provides better visibility in Google Ads.

Allows you to gauge buyers' price perception by analysing their possible reaction to increased or decreased product prices.

Relevant Market Price (RMP)
In order to sell your products successfully, it is crucial that you have an effective price for your products. Prices that are too high can lead to lower conversion rates and affect the customer's price perception of your offer.

To determine whether an item is competitively priced, bol.com evaluates the relevant market price for each item. This process takes into account the prices of other relevant providers of the same item outside of bol.com, in order to ensure that prices at bol.com are equal to those of products in a similar category on the market. The RMP is determined on the basis of market trends.

The RMP for each item is based on the following factors:

Competitor price - Indicates the price of the competitor outside bol.com for a similar product category.

Recommended retail price - Specifies the retail price range at which the product should be sold.

Last price on bol.com:
The price of the item, which was in the buy block yesterday. If the item was not online yesterday, we look at the last known price of the item.
The most frequently used price in the last 90 days for the product in the sales block.

Update 🎉 #mostrequestedfeature

We have completely overhauled Rylee's email editor! What does this mean?

  • You now have a very extensive visual editor for the email to compose your mails with.
  • You can search for images that you want to use for your emails under "Images".
  • You can edit all images very extensive
  • All existing tags keep working
  • You can also switch to the old editor if you like text mails better. This will also be maintained.
  • You can save the templates that you create and also share them with the Rylee community #sharingiscaring
  • Rylee also regularly adds new templates
  • Furthermore, there is now an HTML editor in the blocks.
Update #DataEverywhere 📊

  • In the Analytics, you can now view statistics per country or view statistics from both countries at the same time.

  • In the product table it is now easier to go to your product information to edit everything there

  • In the product information, there are now tabs to switch to analytics of the product

  • Product specific analytics are added

  • In product analytics, you can also see your sales prognosis, conversion, purchase block and product visits.

  • This data is retrieved daily and a forecast of 4 weeks is made. You can then look back at whether the forecast was accurate on the basis of the sales.

April update 🎉
  1. Starting today, the "not deliverable" tag will appear in the tracker for products that are no longer available within 24 hours. This allows you to quickly see that a product is no longer available. If necessary, you can also remove it from your tracker list.

  2. The Community has been added. We have also added an important option so that you can change your name and billing name separately. You can change this in Settings -> Profile. Please do so if you have added your shop name as your name before joining the community. Otherwise they will be able to see your shop name, which you might not want to!

  3. You can now change the name of your bank account separately. You can also change the name of your bank account to your company name or your own name, because of point 2 above.

  4. The layout of Rylee has been improved a lot in a short time. In the coming period, there will be extra focus on this. So please let me know if there are any changes you would like to see!

Export Invoices and filter on VAT Shifted Orders 📘

Hi there folks!

The update from yesterday went amazing and because of that the development team just can't stop innovating! What have you done!! 🤯

So this updates implements the following features, that will save you a lot of time with the accounting:

  1. You can now easily export bulk invoices in a ZIP file from your orders. This is amazing if you need the invoices for your accounting! You can export invoices by pressing the new export button at the orders view in Rylee.

  2. If you need only the invoices where the VAT has been shifted, that's now possible as well! You can filter on VAT shifted invoices with the new filter option in the orders view of Rylee.

Thanks again for the amazing feedback!

Talk to you soon,


November Update 🥳

The last 2 weeks we added a lot of small (and some big) improvements in Rylee!
Have you noticed all of them ;)? Let's see...

  1. We added the option to enable or disable quick delete in the product tracker. What this means is that you can disable quick delete to get a confirmation popup before deleting a product. No more accidental deletions!

  2. We added the option to set a range for viewing the charts in the tracking popup. You can also use a custom range! This improvement has also been added to the Chrome Extension.

  3. You can toggle images in your product view. This way you can get a compact view or a wide view of your product list. Whatever you prefer.

  4. In the product view option we also added the possibility to enable or disable hijacking notifications all at the same time.

  5. We integrated the new Zapier view in Rylee. No more switching applications.

  6. In Zapier you can now set your product stock levels. This way you can also manage your total stock by connecting your webshop.

  7. In Zapier you can now delete products from the product tracker by EAN.

  8. Last but not least. In the Rylee Chrome Extension we added search insights with the possibility to change ranges as well. (12 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month)

  9. We improved the way you can give feedback. You'll see a better support menu in the left bottom corner to give us feedback!

  10. The Rylee Chrome Extension works now as well in the Grid view on bol.com

  11. Also we added some generall bug fixes.

Again, thanks for all the awesome feedback! We really appreciate it 😃

Talk to you soon!


Mail reports are back 🥳

Mail reports are back. After much request, we have put the mail reports back into Rylee. To make this possible, we had to do the previous updates first. Now it is finally live again.

You get them daily and monthly. Of course you can just turn them off if you want ;)

Okay okay, I know, the updates are flying around your ears, but just one more 🙃

First the big update, then the 3 small ones

Stock control
In Rylee we have now created a stock management system. You can set it to notify you when you fall below a certain stock level. Besides the bol.com stock you can also set your own total stock. (Your own warehouse + for example your own webshops). If you set this you will also get a notification when it comes below a certain ceiling. You can also link your webshops from Shopify or Woocommerce to this stock so you can manage your total stock in one place. You can do this via the API or Zapier.

Hijack notifications
You will now also get a notification when you lose the buy box or when you got it back.

You can now select a date to see your data. This does not compare to a previous period

Category update
You can now easily change the name of your category

Account Migration

At the first of September we will move all the accounts from Rylee 2.0 to Rylee 3.0. This is done because we will use a new and improved system! We are going to make sure this migration will move as seamless as possible.

This will happen automatically.

Because of this migration we will give everyone a new 14 day trial to try out the new system. In this period we will listen really closely to the feedback given and we are going to spend extra time to update the application to suit your needs!

Also here are some juicy screenshots to get you more excited for the next update 😉

Talk to you soon!