Global analytics

In Rylee we now have global analytics. So you can easily see your stats from multiple shops combined in 1 Dashboard!

Category's (A lot of them) 🤯

Hi everyone, exciting news...

We added the category tree in the Rylee filters. All of them...
When we started indexing the categories from, we were amazed how many categories there actually are. So we gave all of them to you to play around with!

There are over 10.000 categories already indexed in Rylee. We will keep them up to date!

You can find the category filters in the Rylee database and in the products you are currently tracking.

Happy researching!


The categories in the category tree are all in Dutch, currently there is no easy way to translate them, since they are automatically added trough the API from, which is in Dutch. We will still look out for solutions for this to translate them in English, French and German

Discord Community

Hi everyone!

We moved our community to Discord. Here you can talk with other sellers to help eachother improve on the bolcom platform!

There will also be bi-weekly groups coaching.

Product... listing... tracker 🎉

The Rylee tracker has been expanded. As of today, there is much more data to work with. First an explanation of the jargon that will be used in Rylee. We now distinguish between 3 things in the tracker.

  • The sales data tracker
  • The ranking tracker (keeps track of the position of the product on a particular keyword)
  • (New) The product listing tracker / Listing history

The product listing tracker keeps track of the product listing on 10 different measuring points. If anything changes to the listing, it will be reported in Rylee. As of today, an entire history of the product listing is stored and maintained, so you can see in combination with the ranking tracker whether a listing change by a competitor or by you has had a positive or negative effect on the keyword you want to rank for.

The 10 different points that are tracked are:

  • Product title
  • Product subtitle
  • GPC
  • Product description (short and long)
  • Number of sellers
  • The rating
  • The product link (Can be useful for SEO)
  • The main product image
  • And who owns the buying block

Graphs of the number of sellers and the rating are also shown in the listing history.
Also from today onwards, the price history graph has been added to the product tracker itself. This will also be updated from today onwards.

All these data can be found in the product tracker popup!

The new Rylee app is live 🎉!

When Rylee relaunched, the app was still being rebuild. Today it's finally live!

What we have updated

  • You can download the invoices from your orders in the app
  • You get order notifications from your orders

Google Play store:

Apple App store:

We are amazed by the feedback you gave us during the launch and we are really happy with that!
So thanks for that.

See you at the next update,


Rylee 3.0 is live 🎉

I want to welcome you to the new version of Rylee. Rylee 3.0

We started a couple of months ago with rebuilding Rylee. Because this was highly necessary. Also changed their API version from V3-4 to V5. So we thought this would be the PERFECT oppertunity to rebuild our systems.

And it has been a hell of a ride! As you can see, the whole interface got a new look, a new website, an amazing new Chrome Extension, a new App (will be released in the upcoming 2 weeks) and a lot of new amazing features.

We wanted to focus on 6 things when updating our tool:

  1. A way, way better user interface
  2. Accessiblity for the whole market
  3. Moving into the German, French and Belgium market (Because yes, there are German and French sellers as well!)
  4. Inviting team members to your shops to collaborate together
  5. Getting rid of using those annoying API keys to connect your shop to Rylee
  6. Bringing back the unlimited tracking and make it reliable as **

And I can tell you, we did it all. Rylee has now a really modern look, people can work together, and connect multiple shops to Rylee as easy as pie!

We are really curious what you think of the amazing new update, so just hit us a text if you got any question or just want to talk! We are here to help!

If I can give 1 tip, try the new Chrome Extension, it's really, really, really amazing.

P.s. For the old Rylee users, the current version of Rylee will be online again next week! By then you'll be able to transfer your tracking data to the new Rylee

Oh and also, we give you again a free 2 week trial to test all the systems out! Nice from us, right ;).
I hope you enjoy the update as much as we do!